Scheduled & Unscheduled Aircraft Maintenance Pricing in Naples, Florida

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Full service aircraft maintenance and repairs in Naples, Florida!

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The following are basic prices for 100-hour or annual inspections. This price includes labor for compression checks, oil filter inspection, airframe inspection, controls’ inspections, pully lubrication, wheel bearing cleaning, inspection, repack, brake pad and rotor inspections, engine(s) pre and post runs, and corrosion X for engine and airframe.

Aircraft 100-Hour/Annual Fee Pre-Purchase Fee
Single Engine Fixed Gear (4 cylinder) $1,730 $1,384
Single Engine Fixed Gear (6 cylinder) $1,941 $1,595
Single Engine Retract $2,477 $1,981
Basic light twins non pressurized $4,400 $3,500
Basic light twins pressurized $5,306 $4,051
Helicopters* $3,400 $3,200

*Helicopter 100-hour/annual prices are based on no additional inspections IAW the manufacture’s recommendations or mandatory compliance items.

  • The owner will be notified of any recommended repairs.
  • This price does not include AD search and compliances or approved repairs.
  • Labor rates for all items outside the inspections are at our shop rates of $130 per hour.
  • Owners can expect 1 to 3 hours for AD search. If there is not a previous AD compliance sheet then more hours may apply. Owners will be given current AD compliance sheet.
  • Owners can expect market rate on the price oil and filters.
  • A basic fee of $25 for shop consumables is added to each invoice.
  • Owners can expect 2-hours per engine for basic oil changes.
  • 50-hour inspections are per the aircraft manufacture’s checklists.
  • We can give an estimate per airframe.