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All Technically Advanced Aircraft

1975 CESSNA 172M | $135/HR WET

  • Aspen Evolution 1000
  • Garmin 430 WAAS
  • Garmin Audio panel
  • Garmin xponder
  • 120 TAS
  • Full IFR
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    This 1975 172M is kept in great condition and has a low time, factory overhauled engine. TAS for this aircraft at 75% power rating is 120 KIAS. This aircraft is equipped with an Evolution 1000 Aspen linked to a Garmin 430 WAAS with a Bendix King 155 back-up radio. The four-place ICS and radios are very clear with separate pilot/copilot volume and squelch adjustments. This 172 is perfect for primary or IFR training, as well as the perfect aircraft for traveling.

2002 CESSNA 182T | $220/HR WET

  • Aspen Evolution 1000
  • Garmin 750 WAAS
  • KAP 140 2 axis autopilot
  • 145 TAS
  • Full IFR
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    This C182T is a great traveling aircraft. It rents for $220 an hour and can be in Marathon or Key West in approximately one hour. CFTAR will allow you to schedule it for the weekend or several days at a time for your travel conveniences. We can also accommodate high performance endorsements along with an aircraft checkout for rental. The C182T is also an excellent IFR trainer. It is equipped with a Garmin 750 WAAS linked to an Aspen Evolution 1000. All databases remain current. This aircraft has a payload of 1200LBS and a TAS of 145 KIAS. Engage the KAP 140 2-axises autopilot and use this as your travel aircraft.

1973 PIPER PA28200 ARROW II | $190/HR WET

  • Garmin 530 WAAS
  • Garmin 340 Audio panel
  • Garmin xponder ADS-B out
  • 135 TAS
  • Full IFR
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    This 1973 Piper Arrow II has a factory overhauled engine, new paint, and a Garmin 530 with WAAS. The intercom is a Garmin 340 that is crystal clear. This is the perfect aircraft to earn your commercial and flight instructor ratings or build time in a complex aircraft. CFTAR is staffed with professional instructors that can lead and facilitate you through your CFII.

2011 CESSNA T182T | $250/HR WET

  • Garmin G1000 with Synthetic Vision
  • Oxygen
  • Air Conditioned
  • TIS
  • 150 TAS
  • Full IFR
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    This 2011 T182T is an excellent trainer for the G1000 experience. Use this plane for your IFR rating or high performance sign-off. It has onboard oxygen, G1000 (WAAS) with synthetic vision, and air conditioning. This aircraft is also available for rental to experienced pilots that go through an aircraft checkout. Get signed off to rent this aircraft and do some traveling in comfort.